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‘Find Meaning in Every Bloom': Flower Interruption Artist Finishes 10,000th Flower

Whether she's painting in the rice fields of Indonesia or the bustling streets of San Francisco, Megan Wilson's Flower Interruption project has a way of opening up conversations wherever she goes. And the 10,000th flower was no different.

"This final, 10,000th flower is dedicated to Candy," Wilson said. "She's one of the residents in the neighborhood who comes by, says 'hello' and has a really beautiful spirit." 

The artist painted the tribute magenta, blue and black at the resident's request, one of many she's received during the last four months stationed outside of the Asian Art Museum, which is featuring a Flower Power exhibition until Oct. 1. 

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"People love stopping and checking in, especially people who are passing by weekly," Wilson said. "It has been really great to get to know the community."

Her brightly colored exhibit leaks out from the museum walls and onto the sidewalk, where the flowers decorate people's daily commute through the heavy-traffic block.

"I really was hoping to create something that people would come upon, and it would be a complete surprise — unexpected — and just bring a smile to people’s faces," Wilson said. 

She will also be hosting a public flower interruption event on Sept. 24 at the museum, where people can stop by for a flower or to participate. Her larger-than-life murals at the museum are one of many she's created over the past 15 years, as she aims to interrupt people's daily lives for a moment bursting of color.

"I love that flowers represent and symbolize gifts," Wilson said. "They symbolize rituals. They symbolize generosity and love and peace, and that's some of what I'm hoping to give to people that pass by."

The artist has gained attention for her paintings' psychedelic colors and designs through the years, but she has had a particularly busy summer with the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in full bloom.

She plans to unveil her next exhibit this weekend at the Artists' Television Access, which she hopes will start a different conversation about where the city has come since the infamous summer.

For more information on the upcoming exhibit, visit the artist's website here.

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