Bay Area Home of America's Dirtiest Hotel

Bedbug-infested Heritage Marina pulls in top ranking

Ahh...a vacation in San Francisco. A worldwide destination known for shopping, dining, shows and the beauty of the Pacific Coast. And for hotels with comfortable, outstanding, high-class amenities.

Most of them, that is. Except for that one at 2550 Van Ness. The Heritage Marina Hotel is standing out for all the wrong reasons. It's officially America's worst, according to a highly respected travel website.

TripAdvisor has the Heritage Marina at the top of their Dirtiest Hotels in the U.S. list. The ranking was based on 320 user reviews.

One of the reviewers calls the Heritage "disgusting, filthy, cockroach-infested" and describes seeing prostitutes walking around in the hotel. Another puts it plainly, saying the 132-room establishment: "Had the ambience of fresh vomit." That reviewer also mentions "hookers in the hallway."

The odor is a common complaint from visitors of the Heritage. A couple on tour from the Netherlands describes their stay at the country's dirtiest:

"This hotel is like in a horrible horror movie! I have never seen a hotel like this. We arriverd in the room and immidietly a urine smell was getting over us. We opened the window, but we could not close it anymore."

And the write-ups aren't the only descriptions you'll find on the site. Reviewers also uploaded pictures of "crusty carpet," filthy furniture, actual bed bugs and bites they say they woke up with after a night at the hotel.

One reviewer puts it plainly: "Do NOT stay here."

The hotel's general manager, Dan Brannan, told the Chronicle's C.W. Nevius that the rating was based on "subjective, irate, anonymous postings." He also defended the hotel and said it's under new management now and undergoing "a detailed renovation."

They better let the hookers know it's about time to find a new place to conduct business.

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