San Francisco Home to Nation's Manliest Restaurant?

Mission staple Zeitgeist gets nod in semi-finals of online poll to determine country's most masculine masticulation venue

In a surprise to anyone familiar with the broad-minded gender politics of San Francisco, laddy site Asylum has given the Zeitgeist on Valencia the honor of "Manliest Restaurant" on the West Coast.

The biergarten and burgers and sometimes brusque service doled out to d-bags apparently makes the otherwise relaxed and tolerant Zeitgeist a gendered destination.

Don't just take Asylum's word for it, though -- for an authoritative source, then went to female foodie Davina Baum of Chow for a quote:

When hunger strikes, the hamburgers and home fries do the trick (if you can hear your name barked over the din).

Nevermind that they also serve veggie burgers with a side of coleslaw, which maybe isn't exactly "manly?"

As a commenter on SFist quipped, "Surely all those bars that are only full of men are the most 'manly?'"

Surely! In which case, anyone led astray might wander over to nearby Folsom Street and have your pick of much manlier establishments.

Photo by Josh Jackson.

Jackson West didn't move into a room above the Zeitgeist to hang out with hordes of manly men, that's for sure.

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