San Francisco Hotel Offers “50 Shades Of Grey” Package

SAN FRANCISCO - A movie is heating things up in hotel rooms. The film 50 Shades of Grey releases on February 13th and companies are capitalizing on the buzz around it.

Kensington Park Hotel, and others owned by Personality Hotels, is now offering a “50 Shades of Women” package.

For $150 extra during your stay you get a little black box full of items to jump start the night like a paddle, soft hand restraints, and other unmentionables.

“Have a fantasy and memory to live by. Better than the book,” said Personality Hotels President and CEO Yvonne Detert.

The hotel offered a similar package after the book's release. The new film reignited the idea.

"I got a manicure yesterday and some woman said 'oh I’m getting the 50 Shades of Grey color on my nails. Everybody's buzzing about this, so I wanted something for my guests at Personality Hotels to buzz about.”

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