San Francisco Housing Market Both Losing, Adding Attention

The Bay Area is a coveted place to live, but apparently not so attractive for many of the folks who currently call it home.

According to a recently published report from Zillow, a hefty number of home-seekers cast their eyes on the Bay Area as a potential landing spot, but roughly half of residents currently living in the Bay Area look at outside regions around the country when it comes to getting a new set of house keys.

San Francisco is the eighth-highest metropolitan market in the nation to see its residents looking outwards when it comes to house-hunting, according to Zillow. Skyrocketing housing costs has Zillow believing that Bay Area folks are simply looking for cheaper options.

Despite a potential exodus of pinched residents, San Francisco attracts the fifth-highest amount of interest from home buyers living outside of the region looking to settle down near the city by the bay, according to Zillow.

As to why San Francisco is getting so much external attention is because of the hot-bed job market. People also generally look to settle down in a nearby metropolis when they contemplate a move. With California already holding the highest population among any other state, San Francisco and other popular metropolises in the state get looked at by folks within the golden state, Zillow reported.

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