San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport Preps for Emergency During Crisis Simulation

Prepping its staff and the city for a potentially catastrophic emergency, San Francisco International Airport is conducting its annual crisis exercise Wednesday.

Various public safety agencies and volunteers will simulate a Boeing 767 airplane crash in order to test first responder reaction time and joint emergency personnel coordination.

Emergency crews will be able to practice on-scene triage and hospital transport in addition to assisting victims reunite their families thanks to the roughly 200 people who have volunteered to help in the simulation.

Employees with the airport, the San Francisco Fire Department Airport Division, the San Francisco Police Department Airport Bureau, local hospitals along with state and federal jurisdictions will be working together to ensure an efficient handling of the planned crisis.

Airports nationwide are required to hold a full-scale emergency preparedness scenario every three years, but San Francisco prefers to conduct the exercise roughly every 365 days in order to ensure maximum safety.

San Francisco International was tested with a major emergency in July 2013 when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash landed.

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