San Francisco is Country's Most Expensive City for Yuppies

The young and upwardly mobile pay a lot in San Francisco

Being a Marina man or woman is not easy -- there's gym memberships, haircuts and pet care, facials and yoga classes to pay for to maintain the image.

Big bills for all of these -- the markings of a yuppie, according to -- are why San Francisco yuppies pay the most money in order to maintain a young and well-heeled life.

With annual spending on these things estimated at over $6,718, or 14 percent above the national average for yuppiedom, the City by the Bay is the most expensive place in the country to be a yuppie, beating out burgs like San Diego, Denver and Chicago.

It may come as some surprise to Bay Area residents in hoodies and jeans to hear that less on primping and pampering is spent in Los Angeles than in San Francisco.

But the "high cost" of gym memberships and pet boarding schools propel the Bay to the top of the yuppie ladder.

In fact, yuppies in Hartford, Connecticut, pay more for these services than they do down in Los Angeles, Locality reported.

For those looking for something else, somewhere less expensive, look to Portland or Sacramento, among the country's 15 cheapest cities to be a yuppie.

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