San Francisco Is Fourth-Most Expensive US City

Welcome to Pricey Town, USA.

When there's no money left at the end of the month -- or worse, when there's plenty month left at the end of the money -- just tell yourself: it could be worse. You could live in Brooklyn, or Hawaii.

San Francisco is the fourth-most expensive city in the United States, behind Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Honolulu, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The report uses the cost-of-living index to determine exactly what it costs to live, breathe, and work in an area. There are other California locales in the top ten most-expensive US cities, including San Jose, Orange County, and Truckee (good old Tahoe).

Sound like fun? Yes, when you consider that with the heftier mortgage payments come heftier paychecks at work (more jobs equals more cost). If that's not good enough, play with the cost of living widget, and imagine what it must like to be rich. Or poor(er).

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