Congratulations San Francisco. You're the best at not throwing crap away.

San Francisco was ranked the America's least wasteful city on the list of least wasteful city survey by Nalgene, a manufacturer of reusable water bottles.

The study ranked 23 waste-focused habits of urban Americans, from recycling to using public transportation to shutting off the lights when leaving the room.

When the results were tallied, San Francisco earned the title of America's least wasteful city, while Atlanta ranked last in the study. Any surprise when they called "the dirty south?"

"This study highlights habits that our society has adopted out of convenience, but on a whole can have a huge impact on the sustainability of the planet," said Eric Hansen, business manager, Nalgene-Outdoor. "Clearly, some cities are ahead of others when it comes to changing our approach to wastefulness in our actions big and small, but there's room for all to improve."

The study questioned 3,750 individuals living in the top 25 largest U.S. cities, gauging behavior on waste, sustainability, shopping, transportation and more.

The results were weighted to give more credit to behaviors that had immediate and significant impact on the planet to small habits that are more indicative of a mindset and non-wasteful approach to life.

San Francisco led the way in many categories, and was best overall at recycling, reusing wrapping paper, turning off the water to brush teeth and not using cars for short trips from home.

Congratulations San Francisco. You look great.

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