San Francisco K-9 Police Officers Get Protective Body Armor

Some of San Francisco's most beloved crime-fighters have new uniforms.

The city's K-9 officers showed off their new protective body armor on Wednesday. It’s similar to what their human partners wear.

The armor was donated by the manufacturer, the Cover Your K-9 Fund and Pet Food Express. On Saturday and Sunday, the chain will raise money to supply more Bay Area K-9 units.

"It's a large event. This (weekend) is the kickoff for it,” SFPD Sgt. Ron Banta said. “This is to show you, hey, you go to Pet Food Express and spend $15 on a dog wash. This is exactly what your money's going to. I mean, look at Roy, he's gained a little weight just like his handler, but these are custom fit. It'll fit him a little better."

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