San Francisco Mayor's Hair Speaks Up

Signature coif now weighing in important issues of the day

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's hair is a subject of discussion everywhere from San Francisco bars to Ryan Seacrest's radio show. To ride Muni "incognito," all Newsom has to do is put on a baseball cap over his artfuly gelled do.

Now the tight-knit strands have chosen to speak up for themselves, having banded together to create an account on Twitter just in time for Newsom's run for governor.

Besides the Twitter account, California's would-be State Coif has inspired at least one blog, not to mention plenty of speculation as to what holds it all together until the interview with Seacrest finally put an end to the speculation (L'Oréal Total Control Clean Gel).

The hair even welcomes visitors to San Francisco at the airport. (Okay, that was a hoax, but still).

While not nearly as popular as the man himself -- 45 follow Newsom's hair, while 487,000 follow Newsom's real Twitter account, it's clearly the hair apparent when it comes to Newsom's social media presence.

Photo by Brian Kusler.

Jackson West figures the bald pate of former mayor Willie Brown can only resent the attention Newsom's mane gets.

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