San Francisco Nightlife Good for Economy

The club scene is a money maker for San Francisco.

The club scene in San Francisco is known to be one of the things that makes the City - "the City," but it also brings in big money.

Last year, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener says he asked the Office of Economic Analysis to get real numbers.

Today those figures were made public. Read report for yourself here (pdf).

The OEA found:

  • 3,200 nightlife establishments
  • 48,000 workers
  • $55 million in payroll and sale taxes
  • 80 million customers
  • $4.2 billion spent

It also found evidence that there really is a "bridge and tunnel crowd" on the weekend. OEA says 57-percent of the patrons do not live in San Francisco.

The study found nightlife industries are "a major source of employment, economic activity, and tax revenue for the city.  In addition, by drawing new visitors and spending into San Francisco, the nightlife Industries are an economic driver, which expand business and employment opportunities for other sectors of the economy."


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