Diana San Juan

San Francisco Officials Considering Adding Toll Fee to Lombard Street

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority is considering charging $5 to $10 for a trip down Lombard Street following complaints from residents in the area.

People who live on or near the popular street said they often face traffic and people climbing on their roofs and even using their yards as bathrooms

"You would try to get home on a Saturday take you 23 minutes to get to your street," said resident Greg Brundage.

He’s lived on Lombard Street for 22 years and he said that in the last six, the number of visitors has exploded and so has their bad behavior.

"I have a golf club I walk up and tell them to get out," Brundage said.

On top of the toll fee visitors may have to pay, authorities want to implement a reservation system.

"Reservation system will stop people from arriving randomly and have streets blocked all around us because people just arrive and want to go down," Brundage said.

The money the city would make from those toll fees would go to maintaining the reservation system.

Some visitors said the street is a tourist attraction and should stay as is, others wouldn’t mind paying $5.

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