San Francisco Cops Bust Kids' Lemonade Stand

Evil government regulation applies to everyone, even little kids

Plenty of people were at Dolores Park on Sunday, and not just for the usual cruising and schmoozing -- the San Francisco Symphony was performing.

So, naturally, enterprising business-minded people worked the crowd in the form of food and beverage vendors. However, the San Francisco Police Department was at work, too, and shut a number of operations down.

Included in the sweep? A (non-hallucinogenic) brownie and lemonade stand headed by two kids, and reportedly doing boffo business.

"How can you tell the ice cream carts to leave and then let some people sell other things," Sergeant Troy Dangerfield explained to the San Francisco Weekly. "Just because they're kids they shouldn't get a free pass, you know?"

Good news for free-marketeers however -- these kids are sure to grow up devouring Milton Friedman books and voting libertarian.

Photo by Steven Damron.

Jackson West has helped sell sandwiches near the park, but thankfully wasn't bothered by the fuzz.

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