San Francisco Police Commission Approves New Use of Force Policy

San Francisco's police commission Wednesday night unanimously approved a new use of force policy that focuses on de-escalation and strives toward minimal force.

But it's not quite over yet.

Commissioners and the police officers association said they agree on about 80 percent of the document. The commission president said it's critical that the policy not be held up by disagreements in language.

"'Shall de-escalate' is so important, but it is being held hostage to other issues," said Suzy Loftus. "This needs to move forward as soon as possible."

The POA said it could not agree to give up its right to negotiate on part of the policy while there is still disagreement. The issues holding up concensus are policies about shooting at cars, using carotid chokehold restraints and reassessing shots-fired situations between each shot. Those policies affect officer safety, the POA said.

The use of force policy now goes to what is called a meet and confer, where city leaders and the POA work to reach agreement on every issue. Then it goes back to the commission.

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