San Francisco Proposes $19 Million ‘Smart City' Idea

The city of San Francisco is putting a $19 million proposal on the table to make it more of a "smart city" by adding street lights, raising concerns for those worried about their privacy.

The Gold River-based anyCOMM Holding Corporation would install thousands of devices on street lights that can record videos and audio, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

The devices can’t hear conversations but could be used to detect flooding, gunshots and even glass breaking.

About 60 lights have already been tested since May of last year, and concerns have been raised about the data being shared by the devices.

The proposal could be impacted by a piece of legislation proposed by Supervisor Aaron Peskin, imposing a number of requirements when it comes to new technology entering the city, specifically how the technology would be used and who has access to the data.

The legislation will be discussed Thursday night during a meeting with the committee on information technology.

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