San Francisco

San Francisco Protesters Rally Against Treatment of Haitian Migrants at Texas Border

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Protesters march from the Federal Building to UN Plaza in San Francisco Friday to express their anger and raised awareness about the treatment of Haitian immigrants at the U.S. southern border.

Pictures of border patrol on horseback with whips chasing immigrants and word the United States is flying thousands of immigrants back to Haiti, where conditions are unhealthy and unsafe have people outraged.

“It's horrific and outrageous that's what I'm here,” said Adoubou Traore of San Francisco.

Some wonder why some immigrants are welcome, but Haitians aren't.

Authorities cleared a migrant camp of thousands near Del Rio Texas on Friday.

Del Rio, Texas Mayor Bruno Lozano said that many workers with the Department of Homeland Security did their best to help during a desperate situation.

“They were providing the food, everything they could, so people could eat often giving their own food because there were so many,” said Lozano.

Now as thousands are being processed for a return to Haiti or placement in immigration court proceeding, protesters are demanding President Joe Biden to change the plan and provide assistance.

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