San Francisco Robbery Suspects Steal Man’s Camera, Drag Him on Asphalt

San Francisco Police Department

San Francisco police are searching for four robbery suspects who are accused of stealing a man's camera and dragging him on the ground during their escape, police said.

Authorities were alerted to the 900 block of Point Lobos Avenue on Oct. 5 and found a man suffering from multiple cuts on his arms.

The victim told police that a total of five suspects were present when he was shoved to the ground and had his camera poached from his hands. The victim tried to hold on to his camera, but one of the suspects eventually grabbed control after pulling the victim along the asphalt for approximately 10 feet.

Four suspects escaped in a silver Honda Civic while a fifth suspect fled on foot down Point Lobos Avenue, police said.

Police have apprehended one suspect, identified as 19-year-old San Francisco resident Jacobo Padilla, but they said they have yet to locate the four others.

Padilla was arrested for robbery, conspiracy and committing a felony while on bail, police said.

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