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‘It Is Frustrating': San Francisco Sheriff Discusses Unsecured Guns Stolen From Deputies

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit has learned the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department deputy whose unsecured gun was stolen from his car last week was a 20-year veteran of the department.

Sources say it was his department issued Glock 17. It was taken from the deputy’s personal vehicle that was parked outside his home in Fairfield last Thursday. That theft comes just one month after another deputy had his unsecured gun taken from his car as he worked out at a fitness center in Pinole.

“It is frustrating, that is a good way of putting it,” Sheriff Vicki Hennessy told NBC Bay Area on Tuesday, adding that she has had to issue two reminders about the importance of deputies securing weapons in lockboxes in their vehicles since she became sheriff in 2016.

“Apparently some people are not getting the message,” she said. She would not identify the deputies involved in the two recent incidents. She said the department is still investigating and both deputies have been assigned duties that do not require they carry firearms.

Sources say the deputy in the latest incident has been assigned to the Hall of Justice courthouse.

Asked why there have been two gun thefts in just two months, Hennessy said:

"If I knew the answer to that maybe I could do a better job of preventing it….But have to say I think it’s the individual deputies who’re not paying attention as they should."

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