San Francisco State University Responds to Conservative Group's List Naming It a Top Anti-Semitic College

San Francisco State University officials and students are in disbelief after a conservative group named its campus one of the most anti-Semitic colleges in the country.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center, founded by its namesake political activist, ranked colleges based on anti-Jewish incidents and activities, harassment and violence against Jewish students and campus speakers who oppose Israel, as part of its "Jew Hatred on Campus" campaign.

SFSU came in number 7 on the list, a ranking that puzzled some school officials.

"I do reach out deliberately to students, staff and faculty about issues related to discrimination and harassment," said Lo Lo Hong, vice president of student affairs. "I have never heard any complaints from students or faculty on this issue."

At SFSU, there have been incidents in recent years where Palestinian and Jewish groups clashed on campus, but the climate has improved, according to San Francisco Hillel, a group that serves Jewish students at 12 Bay Area campuses.

"There was once upon a time at SF State when difficult issues arose, and while things do pop up every now and then, it is a dramatically improved environment," said Ollie Benn, SF Hillel executive director.

Other colleges' rankings on the center's list have come under fire from Jewish groups, also. A San Diego-based official with the Anti-Defamation League called the inclusion of San Diego State University, which was ranked number 6, "utterly ridiculous."

Columbia University was listed in the top spot on Horowitz's list, while UCLA was ranked at number 9.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center says it works to protect students from "indoctrination" and give conservative students a voice on campus.

It recently made headlines for posters it put up on college campuses nationwide comparing the campus group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) with Hamas, bearing the words "#JewHaters" along with gruesome photos of Hamas executioners.

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