San Francisco Supe Takes a Stand Against Pledge of Allegiance

Newly elected San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim is not taking a stand like former NBA player Chris Jackson but she has some similar concerns.

The District 6 supervisor stands with her colleagues during the Pledge of Allegiance before Board of Supervisor meetings but she does not utter the words.

“I don’t believe we are a nation with liberty and justice for all — yet,” she told The San Francisco Examiner. “So a lot of my work is motivated by wanting to be a part of achieving that ideal.”

Her fellow supervisors have noticed and don't seem to have a problem with Kim's decision. District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener told the paper that there are "there are many, many ways of reminding ourselves of why we love our country.”

And for Kim there is no question she loves her country. She says her years of community work prove her loyalty to the country.

The Pledge of Allegiance is no stranger to controversy in the Bay Area and San Francisco. Former outspoken supervisor Chris Daly would say the words but leave out "under God." Current Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi is also known to leave out the words.

While in 2002 the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals made national headlines when it ruled in favor of Sacramento atheist Michael Newdow, who argued reciting the pledge in school was unconstitutional. Newdow is currently suing to have "In God We Trust" removed from American currency.

Kim says she decided she did not feel comfortable reciting the Pledge of Allegiance when she was in high school and she continued the practice during her stay on the Board of Supervisors.

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