San Francisco Supervisor Proposes Single-Stall Unisex Bathrooms

San Francisco may soon extend equal access to public restrooms.

Supervisor David Campos plans to introduce new legislation on Tuesday that would require any business or city building that has single-stall restrooms to provide at least one that is "gender neutral," according to a press release from the supervisor's office. The San Francisco Chronicle first reported the news Sunday.

"Going to the bathroom should not be something that threatens the people of San Francisco," Campos said at a news conference on Monday.

The measure would also require city-owned buildings with more than five multi-stall bathrooms to designate at least one as gender-neutral.

San Francisco would not be the first city to enact such a law. Washington D.C. was the first, followed by Philadelphia, Austin, West Hollywood, Berkeley and New York, according to Campos’s office.

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