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San Francisco Supervisor Prioritizes Naming SFO's Terminal 1 After Harvey Milk

A San Francisco supervisor is pushing to name SFO's Terminal 1 after slain LGBTQ rights activist and former city politician, Harvey Milk. 

Jeff Sheehy's top priority, which has the support of the Airport Facilities Naming Advisory Committe, was introduced to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, according to a statement.

Hillary Ronen, a former aide to Supervisor David Campos, introduced legislation to begin the process toward christening the structure Harvey Milk Terminal.

Milk was San Francisco's first openly gay supervisor, who along with then Mayor George Moscone, was assassinated in 1978. They were shot dead by former Supervisor Dan White.

"Their legacy endures in our city and in these dark times, Harvey’s message of hope resonates more than ever," Sheehy said in a statement. "As we work to guarantee civil rights for LGBTQ people here and around the world, there is no more fitting tribute than naming Terminal One after Supervisor Milk."

The AFNAC has also recommended naming a San Francisco International Airport access road Harvey Milk Way. 

"As a kid in Texas, coming out was one of the hardest experiences of my life. Harvey’s election and his voice for our community inspired me and many others to come to San Francisco," Sheehy added. "The fact that I sit in the same legislative seat as Harvey is awe-inspiring.

"Sadly, the fact that we only have one LGBT supervisor today means our community’s work for full inclusion is far from over."

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