Christie Smith

San Francisco Supervisor Working to Clean Up Trash Plaguing Tenderloin Streets

A San Francisco supervisor says he wants a plan to more effectively handle trash and waste left in his challenging district.

Supervisor Matt Haney stumbled on a big pile of trash and tweeted out photos of it, sharing his frustration with the situation. He wants more from the city, more cleaning and more trash cans. But some shop owners say that's not exactly what they want.

"I want my neighborhood to be nice and clean," said Tamim Najjar, who runs Servewell Market in the city's Tenderloin District.

Najjar spends more time than he wants outside his store cleaning up trash. He said people have turned the area into a dumping ground.

Najjar does not want trash cans out front because he said people do not bother to put things in the can.

Haney said he is working with Recology, which handles bins. He thinks more needs to be done, including more city cans that are functioning and not broken.

The Department of Public Works said it has put quite a bit of resources into cleaning the neighborhood and have partnerships that work.

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