San Francisco Takes Another Step to Bagging Plastic

Bag Lady

A San Francisco supervisor on Tuesday introduced legislation to  expand the City's ban on plastic bags.

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, who introduced the original law that banned plastic bags at supermarkets and chain pharmacies, said  Tuesday he wants the ban to now include smaller markets, restaurants, liquor  stores, convenience stores and "big box" retailers.

Since San Francisco was the first to ban plastic bags in the nation three years ago, other Bay Area cities -- such as Berkeley, San Jose and Oakland -- have either flirted with following suit or gone all the way in banning plastic bags as well.

Exceptions would be made for bags used to carry produce,  newspapers and dry cleaning, as well as specialty retail merchandise bags and  reusable carryout bags.

Mirkarimi said the legislation would be the strictest in the  nation.

A spokesman for Mayor Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that the mayor  supports the legislation.

A separate ordinance proposed today by Mirkarimi would require  stores to impose a 5-cent "green bag charge" for customers who want  disposable, single-use paper checkout bags.

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