San Francisco Uber Driver Sexually Harrassed by Passenger on New Year’s Eve

A San Francisco Uber driver says a passenger sexually assaulted him and after reporting it to the rideshare company he feels he’s getting the runaround.

The driver, Jesus Corona, says he was groped while taking a passenger to his destination in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve day.

“He repeated it about nine, ten times and put his hand over my pants,” said Corona.

The driver reported the incident to Uber and claims the company told him they would take legal action against the passenger, which is why he didn’t file a police report. It’s been weeks since the incident happened and Corona has become frustrated with the rideshare company for not doing enough about it.

“If I would have done this to a passenger, to someone in my car, I would have been locked up,” said Corona.

In a statement, Uber explained that the passenger’s behavior was completely unacceptable and isn’t tolerated on the Uber app, stating, “We take reports like this seriously, and the rider has not had access to the Uber app since the incident was reported to us.”

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