1 Person Dead After Incident Involving Muni Train in San Francisco

Reportedly, the person climbed on to the train and then fell.

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Officials confirmed that a person died after being hit by a Muni train in San Francisco Sunday.

The incident happened at 1:17 a.m. at Bayshore Boulevard and Sunnydale Avenue, just south of Visitacion Valley.

According to Muni officials, the train was stopped and waiting for the light at the last stop of the line, when a person approached the train and attempted to open the doors.

Muni says the person then climbed over the train's safety straps and sat on the coupler between the trains. When the driver of the train started to turn the car and go back to the train yard, the person fell off and was struck by the second-car of the train.

Muni officials say the operator didn't know about the incident, until another operator called to report a body in the tracks.

Bayshore Boulevard was shutdown for a couple hours following the incident as officers were on the scene.

The San Francisco Police Department and MuniSystems Safety continue to investigate.

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