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10-Year-Old Reunites With Yemeni Family at SFO

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A family separated from their 10-year-old daughter for a month and a half was reunited at SFO Thursday. 

Raghad Saleh leaped into her sister's arms -- a tearful reunion for an immigrant family from war-torn Yemen. 

“He is so happy it's a moment of his life he will never forget,” said a translator speaking on behalf of Raghad’s father. “So happy to see his daughter.”

The United States Embassy issued visas for the family to come to the United States, but Raghad was missing.

The family attorney says President Trump's ban on new immigrant visas complicated getting a new one, so her family made the difficult decision to leave her with neighbors in Egypt in June when their visas were about to expire.

Her mother says everyone was heartbroken without the 10-year-old.

“It's a very hard time without her daughter. Days didn't count without her daughter,” said the translator on behalf of the mother, Sumayah Albadani. “Now she feels like she is here.”

It's a reunion the Yemeni American Association helped create and a moment many families are waiting for.

“Still many Yemeni suffering, I hope we can help everybody,” said Mohamed Albadani from the Yemeni American Association.

Now that the Saleh's are finally all together, they are looking forward to a new beginning.

“It's a new moment of their life gonna start all over again, hopefully happier than before,” said the translator.

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