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Family Sponsors Free SF Dog Adoptions for February in Honor of Late Pet ‘Eli'

Muttville/O'Donnell Family

A family suffering from the loss of their beloved pet Yorkie mix are turning their grief into good by sponsoring the adoption of other dogs for the entire month of February.

According to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a San Francisco pet rescue aimed at helping older dogs find forever homes, the O’Donnell family rescued their Yorkie in New York eight years ago. They named him Eli after Giants football star Eli Manning.

“We miss Eli so much, but we are so happy we got to help change his story and give him a life fit for a king,” a member of the O’Donnell family said.

In honor of Eli, the family is giving back to the senior dog community. All adoptions through Muttville will be free for the month of February.

Below are a few of the dogs available for adoption through Muttville. To check out a full list of dogs available for adoption click here.

Photos: Family Sponsors Free Dog Adoptions for February in Honor of Late Pet ‘Eli’

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