Full House

Fraudulent Listing Mistakenly Posts ‘Full House' Home for Sale

NBC Bay Area

The 1883 Victorian home in San Francisco made popular by the sitcom "Full House" was mistakenly put on the market Wednesday.

According to SF Gate, a Zillow spokesperson said the $37 million listing was fraudulent and had to be taken down.

“Our teams use a number of different tools to prevent inappropriate content from publishing in the first place, but if a listing is found to be fraudulent after it’s posted, our team takes steps to remove it,” the Zillow spokesperson told SFGATE in an emailed statement. “In this case, we discovered a 'For Sale By Owner' listing was illegitimate after it was posted, and have since taken it down. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

The iconic Victorian home in San Francisco that fans of the hit show “Full House” remember as the residence of the Tanner family is on sale. But the inside of the house on 1709 Broderick St. in Lower Pacific Heights looks absolutely nothing like brown, 90’s interior of the TV set. Pete Suratos reports.
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