Giants Fans Celebrated First Opening Day at Oracle Park in Years

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Friday felt like national holiday at Oracle Park as the Giants opened their season at home to a sell-out crowd.

It was the team's first time opening the season in the city by the bay in more than 10 years and fans were ready to seize and enjoy the day.

"I am so excited," a fan said, "full on baseball again."

No more pandemic restrictions and cardboard cut-our fans in the stands were on sight as San Francisco moves forward and back to pre-pandemic ways.

More than 40,000 people were in attendance as the ballpark is now back open to 100% capacity, compared to last year's 22% capacity.

Giants Fan Seth Kane said nothing could keep him from the ballpark on Opening Day.

"Hopefully my boss doesn't see this because I'm sick," he said. "I'll deal with that later."

"We got 107 wins last year. It's goin to be a little different without Buster, but I feel really good," he said. "I think we'll be pretty strong."

Denys Soto and Monica Perez were also feeling good.

"We came today for the repeat," said Soto, a season ticket holder. "We don't care what anyone says, we're going to win again."

The two longtime friends have been season ticket holders since 2001.

Fans were able to experience a new area inside the ball park where they can bat, pitch, shoot some hoops and play ski-ball.

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