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Group of Shoplifters Target Union Square's Neiman Marcus

As of Monday night, no arrests were made

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The search is on for a team of high-end shoplifters in San Francisco.

Cell phone video caught the moment outside the Neiman Marcus in Union Square Monday.

Police say just before 6:00 p.m., multiple people grabbed shelves of merchandise and ran out, hopping into several different get-away cars.

Pictures taken inside the store right afterwards showed shattered glass, empty shelves, and dangling security chains.

“A lot of my friends are more scared, because they’re Asian too,” said shopper Kaia Ferrigno. “I’ve always had a taser, now I constantly hold it.”

NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai and Sharon Katsuda take a closer look at the latest robberies in high-end stores in the Bay Area.

On Tuesday, there were plenty of security guards visible at stores in Union Square.

Neiman Marcus also released a statement saying in part, “we’re relieved to report that no one was harmed in the incident.”

They also say they're working with police on the investigation, and as of Monday night, no arrests had been made. 

The search is on for a team of high-end shoplifters in San Francisco.

“We’re not giving the exact number of suspects we may be looking at other suspects who were in the store,” said San Francisco Police Department Officer Robert Rueca.

There have been similar robberies in the last few months. Police said they’re working with other agencies including Palo Alto Police to see if there are any similarities with other cases. 

In Palo Alto, over the past couple months, more than $100,000 in handbags have been taken from Neiman Marcus and Louis Vuitton in similar grab-and-go crimes. 

Those cases also involved multiple suspects and several getaway cars.

While police try to identify suspects and crack the case, shoppers say they're holding their bags a little tighter and looking over their shoulders..

“With any big city, can only be so safe,” said a shopper. “I’m cautious no matter what.”

Police said they want to hear from those that saw anything that looked familiar in the video or if you were a witness to the cime because any detail such as a suspect’s identifiable jacket in two different cases can help lead to arrests.

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