Man Seeks Help Finding Person Who Attacked His Elderly Parents in San Francisco

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A Bay Area man is seeking the public’s help to find the person who attacked his elderly parents in Downtown San Francisco last week. 

“My dad is 85 years old and walks with a cane,” said Charles Jung.

He is an attorney and an advocate for his community and now finds himself fighting for his parents.

“A man walked up behind them and kicked my dad in his bad leg, kicked him so hard he almost knocked him off his cane,” Jung said, describing the first encounter the man had with his dad.

Surveillance video shows the second encounter, 20 minutes later.

“The man points and shouts at my parents and my dad tries to take a picture so he can give it to the police,” said Jung.

His dad can’t make out what the attacked is saying but you can see him pick up a construction sign and throwing it towards his parents.

His mother screams.

“I wanted to share what we did to try and find the picture and maybe video because we weren’t getting responsiveness from the police department,” said Jung.

He is taking matters into his own hands. He went to the scene looking for cameras that may have captured the attack and he got lucky.

“We want a record that says, ‘look there’s this guy attacking old Asian people on the street' that should at least be documented,” said Jung.

Forrest Liu started the Chinatown Safety Patrol back in January when an 84-year-old Thai-American was pushed to the ground and later died from his injuries.

He’d like to see more action from police, especially when it comes to attacks on elderly Asian people.

“Your first instinct should be to contact law enforcement and not have to take matters into your own hands,” said Liu. “I think that really paints a picture of how much public safety is an issue right now.”

An issue Jung says he will continue to fight for.

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