May Day

May Day Protesters to Rally for Reopening of San Francisco

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Friday is May Day, a day when people take to the streets to stand up for workers rights. This year, some of those protests will take on a new fight because the country is in the middle of a pandemic.

A group of people calling on the governor to reopen the state now even though we are in the middle of a health crisis.

San Francisco City Hall is expected to be packed for a group calling itself Women for America First, May Day is taking on a different meaning. 

“What we are encouraging people to do tomorrow is to get in their cars and do a rolling rally for freedom,” said Amy Kremer from Women for America First. “We have to look at what’s best for each state. That's why our first principle is to reopen America responsibly and safely.”

Doors are starting to open across the country but they aren’t opening fast enough for protesters in other parts of the country. But by the end of the week, stay-at-home orders and other restrictions will be eased or lifted in at least 21 states.

In California, state and local leaders are easing some restrictions while extending days people must stay inside. 

“A quarantine is for sick people and tyranny is telling people who are not sick and not allowed out,” said Vacaville Barber Shop owner Juan Desmarais.

He vows to defy the stay at home order Friday and open up his shop. 

“I’m going to stand my ground,” Desmarais said. "I was a former law enforcement officer. I understand what they have to do but I’m an American I also feel I have rights."

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