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Mayor London Breed Invites Graduating Class of 2021 to Walk the Stage

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San Francisco’s class of 2021 got good news Tuesday -- an invitation from Mayor London Breed to walk the stage.

She announced 4,000 public high school students will have an in-person outdoor graduation ceremony. For three days in June, Kezar Stadium and the field at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts will host 22 schools.

“Essentially said we'd like to save some aspects of fun for class of 2021 one of which was graduation,” said Supervisor Ahsha Safai who introduced a resolution at the board of supervisors.

Students will be seated on the field socially distant. Their four guests seated in the stands watching them get their diploma. 

“We're gonna bring schools in, have graduation, families gonna leave, we're gonna clean and sanitize and get ready for the next show,” said Phil Ginsberg of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department . 

With San Francisco winds and low case rates, UCSF Infectious Disease Specialist Doctor Peter Chin-Hong says it sounds safe as long as people remain cautious.

“Want to hug individually, your family pod, maybe a few friends,” he said. “These kids are eligible for vaccination.”

Graduates say they are looking forward to taking the field.

“It's a lot of work, a lot of effort you put into high school. Having a chance to graduate with friends and see each other is a great feeling,” said high school senior Erica.

City leaders are still raising funds for stages and big screens for the celebrations.

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