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Parents Concerned About Safety at SF Middle School After Fight Leaves 13-Year-Old Seriously Injured

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A fight between two students at Everett Middle School ended with a boy being rushed to the hospital and prompted questions about student safety at the San Francisco school.

Police said the 13-year-old, who was beaten up by another student at school, arrived in the ER with life-threatening injuries 

"He doesn't want to go to the bathroom, he waits until he's out of the school," said Dheyanira Calahorrano. 

She is a parent and co-chair of the Everett Middle School PTA. She said bathrooms at the school have become danger zones for students who get bullied, but she also believes poorly staffed classrooms are the root of the problem.

"I have been picking up my son from the classes where he does not have a teacher,” said Calahorrano. “Usually, those classes are the problem because they don't have a teacher, they have a substitute that's not doing anything with them."

According to a letter to parents from the school principal, two students were pressured into fighting by other students and it ended with one being severely beaten.

Principal Esther Fensel also wrote that school staff are in, "Continued contact with both families since the incident to support them, including discussing consequences and the next steps required for healing as individuals and as a community."

The injured 13-year-old is now recording at home with his family. 

Calahorrano said something more needs to be done to make Everett safe.

"We requested a change in leadership back in November," said Calahorrano.

Other parents said they share concerns about student safety and want more support from the district.

But they say they back the staff at Everett Middle School saying they're doing the best they can under difficult circumstances.

"I hope that they find the support that they need. Personally, I like the school," said parent Gerthy Soto. 

Soto said school staff have been good at communicating incidents at school with parents.

According to the PTA, about 70%  of the students at Everette are Latino and about 40% are native Spanish speakers.

Parents say more resources from the district, and the community, are needed to help their kids stay on track.

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