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Proof of Vaccination for Indoor Spaces in SF Causes Confusion

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Eyes continue to be on San Francisco as it rolls out it's proof of vaccination mandate for indoor spaces like restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues.

However, the mandate gets a bit complicated to implement at malls which have a mixture of businesses.

Monday marked the fourth day of requiring proof of vaccination at the Westfield Mall in San Francisco where security guards have been checking vaccination cards to eat at the mall's food court, but not to shop.

Management said there's been little push back from customers.

"So far, so good," said Assistant General Manager Judith Shahvar. "I think because we're at a shopping center and not a restaurant, people weren't exactly sure what to expect but overall people have been really understanding."

But there has been some confusion as the new policy requiring proof of vaccination only applies to people who want to eat inside at the food court, but it is not needed if people want to take their food outside.

"We also have a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your food outdoors," Shahvar said.

A food court employee told NBC Bay Area she is happy the mall is taking this new step, but thinks it will be tough to implement as people can still enter the food court area if they need to use the restrooms or pick up a take-out order without needing to show proof.

Mall management said things are still new and are constantly working to improve the implementation of their new policy and are happy to see cooperation from guests.

13-year-old Sebastian and his mom Sandra are visiting from the Dominican Republic and didn't know they needed to bring their vaccination cards around when they arrived to San Francisco.

They didn't have a problem adjusting.

"COVID is a pandemic that is around the world and its killing a lot people and I think its OK that you need the vaccine to go to places," said Sebastian

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