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Racist Graffiti on Wall Near School in San Francisco Is Latest Anti-Asian Attack

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An anti-Asian racist slur was painted on a building across the street from the Chinese American International School Tuesday, another case in the surge in racism that’s caught the attention of city officials and police. 

“It almost seems as if racism is coming back for some reason,” said Jeffrey of San Francisco. “I really think it sends the bad kind of message to kids that this type of language is OK and it’s not.”

Anti-Asian violence caught on video has been coming in from all over the Bay Area. Jeffrey and others believe they’re being blamed for COVID-19. 

San Francisco activist Sarah Shen wants thousands of people to inundate supervisors with books about the history of Chinatown. 

“With a coordinated message that we demand justice and we demand the support of the elected officials in our community who are here to protect us,” sair Shen.

Supervisors Gordon Mar and Connie Chan are now calling for a meeting of a slew of city departments. 

“Families are outraged and seniors are afraid of being out in public alone. We need to denounce the horrific violence and support victims, while taking collective responsibility to keep each other safe rather than laying blame,” said Mar.

There was a solid police presence in Chinatown Tuesday where Kenny Kim was out for a walk.

“Hopefully this thing passes in a more peaceful and safe environment,” said Kim. 

The anti-Asian violence is not just here in San Francisco. There have been some in the East Bay as well and on Tuesday, the police chief there addressed that.

“Today we’re sending a message to those who commit crime in this city we will pursue you and arrest you,” said Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong.

He announced the man police believe is responsible for a violent attack of a 91-year-old and two other victims in Oakland’s Chinatown is in jail tonight.

Actors Daniel Wu and Daniel Day Kim announced $25,000 for rewards or resources. 

“So Asians across the board have been targeted by racial slurs being attacked pushed around being spat on this isn’t getting attention on the national level,” said Wu.

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