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San Francisco Columbus Statue Defaced

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As counties continue to reopen, people are expressing their anger over police brutality in different ways.

One way is by taking down or defacing statues that some say represent oppression. It’s happening all over the world and it’s happening in San Francisco.

Coit Tower is a major symbol in the city and right below that is a statue of Christopher Columbus. On Friday, it was defaced. His face and hands, painted red.

“I don’t think he should have ever been celebrated as a person,” said Heather Dodson from Denver. “He brought diseases pestilence he enslaved people and an overall bad person that shouldn’t have a statue to begin with.”

Across the country, cities and towns are voting to remove statues that are considered symbols of slavery and racial violence.

Houston’s Columbus statue was vandalized, the mayor of South Carolina ordered it removed. And in England, a statue of a 17th Century slave trader toppled by anti-racism protesters.

Some believe these symbols are a slap in the face of African Americans who now find themselves fighting for justice.

The vandalized statue in the city brings up a lot of emotions.

“We all can put ourselves in the position to understand but let’s spend our time to come together instead of making one more place in the world look uglier,” said visitor Nas Ivanowski.

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