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San Francisco Crews on Deck in Case of Severe Rain, Flooding

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People in San Francisco are preparing for the storm Sunday by picking up sand bags and carrying umbrellas, and the city has teams to respond.

At the San Francisco Public Works yard people like Gina Kipliman loaded up sand bags to create a barrier for low lying areas in their homes.

"We will see," she said. "We're going to do it and also put it in front of our garage. The last rain with the atmospheric river pushed a lot of water into the house."

Video from October shows when heavy rain and wind pounded the Bay Area. Flooding and toppled trees were two big problems across the city.

Public Works isn't expecting such an impact this time, but has crews on call.

"If the winds start getting heavy 30-35 miles an hour and the rain we do expect trees and large limbs to come down," said SF Public Works Rachel Gordon. "We had about 800 calls for trees and large limbs so we're not expecting it to be that bad this time around, but we do have folks ready to go out and respond."

City departments held an all hands on deck call for planning and coordination, drains were cleared and flood barriers were deployed at 17th and Folsom overnight.

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