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San Francisco Focuses on Increasing Safety in the Embarcadero

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A tragic crash in San Francisco has once again put the focus on safety along the Embarcadero.

A woman riding a scooter was nearly killed earlier this week after crashing into a cement truck near Pier 35, a week before transportation experts will consider street safety changes at that very spot.

“I’m scared, just a little bit scary you know cause sometimes it’s very dangerous,” said Kevin Ko from Daly City.

Rider Antoeme Costa said that Wednesday morning, he nearly got into a crash and Tuesday, she said a driver wanted to “kill” her. “She was very angry, and she said, ‘beep beep bepp,’” Costa said.

On Monday afternoon, a 69-year-old woman on an e-scooter hit a cement mixer near Bay Street and The Embarcadero, just one block away from where a car hit and killed pedicab driver Kevin Manning in 2018.

Manning's death sparked outrage among bicyclists who say the port of San Francisco and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency need to do more.

Next Tuesday, the SFMTA Board of Directors will consider approving The Embarcadero Enhancement Project, which includes bike lanes protected by physical barriers.

In a statement, SFMTA said in part, “we have been busy advancing the project (hiring consultants, getting survey, preparing for environmental review) and will have a lot to share in 2020.”

The agency said that includes public review or potential, larger enhancements that are quickly built.

 Sophia Lydiad and her mother from Australia say people who ride scooters and bikes also need to protect themselves.

“When she came to San Francisco she was surprised that they weren’t wearing helmets.  She was like that’s a bit scary, not wearing helmets here,” Lydiad said.  

If the SFMTA Board of Directors approves the project next Tuesday, it would then go to The Port of San Francisco for final approval.

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