Stolen Camper Van

San Francisco Man’s Camper Van Stolen Twice Over 2-Month Span

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A San Francisco man is searching for his camper van after it was stolen for the second time in a matter of months.

Avand Amiri said his Ford E-250 Sportsmobile camper van was first stolen on Nov. 6 from the area of 14th and Walter streets. The van was recovered five days later in the Tenderloin, but it was stolen again sometime earlier this week.

The van, which Amiri uses for camping trips, was parked on the street with its window shades up and inside cabinets closed when it was stolen the first time. It was loaded with roughly $3,000 worth of miscellaneous equipment that has since vanished, he said.

When the van was found abandoned, Amiri said it was filled with garbage, needles, food and cigarette butts.

Amiri eventually parked the van back in the area where it was taken, but, regretfully, didn't do much to prevent it from being stolen again. The van was last seen on Sunday in the area of 14th and Sanchez streets.

"I kind of feel like an idiot leaving it back in the neighborhood," Amiri said. "I should have done something to it. I should have taken a lesson away from the first incident."

The van, which has a California license plate of AVANDUH, was mostly empty when it was stolen the second time, Amiri said. Anyone who spots it is asked to contact Amiri or police.

If Amiri gets his van back, he said he won't be leaving it in San Francisco anymore. He said he'll find somewhere else to park it.

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