San Francisco Rolls Out Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

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For the first time in San Francisco, hundreds of doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine were administered at one of the city’s mass vaccination sites. 

The milestone moment gave health leaders a chance to bust some myths about the efficacy of the vaccine, and the safety of the shots in general. 

At San Francisco City College, people rolled up their sleeves for a shot returning to a more normal life.

“A little sore but I feel really happy I'm excited,” said Martha Harding, who was eligible through her work. 

While some have asked questions about its effectiveness, she says she's not worried.

“I think for getting only one dose it was a good option for me so no I wasn’t super concerned,” said Harding. “All three vaccines are excellent.”

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses and reported slightly higher overall efficacy, but Dr. Grant Colfax says there is more to it, and points out Johnson & Johnson was tested after more challenging COVID variants were spreading.

“In different situations where there were surges going on and different countries where there were variants circulating so Johnson & Johnson is an excellent vaccine,” said Colfax.

He suggests when you’re eligible get whatever vaccine is available.

“All three are safe and all three prevent COVID death and hospitalization and that’s what this is really all about,” said Colfax. “With the one shot J&J there are advantages to folks who may have trouble getting out to an appointment.”

Vaccine eligibility expands Monday but supply is still a concern. However, it is expected to improve next month and having three viable options will help speed that up.

“Any vaccine is a great vaccine and it's just what it was: a slow rollout and having the Johnson & Johnson does alleviate that pressure,” said Colfax.

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