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San Francisco's North Beach Dining Plan

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Keeping your distance while picking up to go orders isn't easy in San Francisco's North Beach and the need to spread out has city leaders looking into closing streets in commercial corridors.

“They're gonna need more space,” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin. “The city and county of SF has every reason to turn the streets over to restaurants,” said .

The North Beach Merchants Association voted last Thursday night to support closing Upper Grant Street during business hours. President Dan Macchiarini says as businesses are allowed to reopen, restaurants, bars and artists will need more room to serve customers.

“Use the streetscape to mitigate negative impact on merchants,” said Macchiarini.

Not everyone thinks removing parking in crowded North Beach is a good idea. But supporters say there are parking garages nearby and moving business outside may be the only way to stay open and safe.

“We could all more safely distance while still looking at each other's eyes and loving on each other,” said Analiese Pavellas from Tupelo restaurant. “It's a great idea.”

Peskin said he'd like to see the closure happen before businesses are allowed to move from take out to dine-in.

“This is the time, there are details to work out quickly,” he said.

He added North Beach may be the first to experiment with a street closure to help businesses but it won't be the last.

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