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Parents Upset After SF High School Student Makes Threats, School Doesn't Act

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Parents and students are upset after a San Francisco high school student put threats of targeted gun violence on social media and school administrators failed to inform police or parents.

Parents said a Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep sophomore posted a threatening song titled “I’m Racist” targeting African-American, Asian and Arab students.

On Wednesday night, parents and students met with an administrator, but left wondering why the student was allowed to stay in school and was never arrested.

“Right now they’re scared,” said parent Vanessa Bailey. “They don’t want to come to school, they’re afraid for their lives. We don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

A parent called police to report the song on Monday, and the boy was taken out of class. San Francisco police searched the boy’s home and decided that the threat was not credible.

Sacred Heart emailed staff and students Wednesday to say that the student in question no longer attends the school, but a large group of parents and students expect an arrest and assurance that the boy won’t be allowed near campus. The group has said that the boy lives near campus.

Sacred Heart has not responded to a request for comment.

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