SF Homeowner Shot At in Broad Daylight After Interrupting Robbery

The incident was caught on security cameras

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People living in Golden Gate Heights say they no longer feel safe in their neighborhood after a man, who interrupted a robbery on the street, was targeted with gunfire. 

“You think you live in the best neighborhood in town and all of the sudden it doesn't feel safe anymore,” said Scott Cho of San Francisco.

The neighborhood is on edge after thieves shot at a neighbor Wednesday morning on 11th Avenue, near Ortega. The incident was caught on security cameras.

Neighbors said a silver car stopped in the road was unusual; then they saw two men taking tools out of a construction crew's truck.

When the homeowner went outside and hollered with a phone recording in hand, the suspects ran to the car, one firing a shot before the waiting driver took off.

“My neighbor came out trying to videotape their license plate. He wasn’t chasing them really hard, just following them,” said Brian Seto of San Francisco. “Then I heard a loud pop.”

Neighbors said they are relieved no one was hurt but are concerned because there were people walking their dogs, taking kids to school and heading to work when the gun was fired. 

“I saw Nick ducking the bullet,” said Cho. “The shot, I thought ‘are you kidding me?’”

Police said they recovered one shell casing, and witnesses said officers collected a lot of video evidence. They said many in the area have installed cameras because of an increase in crime in the area during the pandemic

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