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SF Mayor Suggests Metered Parking Sundays, Congestion Pricing

Mayor Breed wants the city to consider two options: congestion pricing and charging for metered parking on Sundays.

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With San Francisco streets clogged and parking spots difficult to find, Mayor London Breed wants the city to consider two options, congestion pricing and charging for metered parking on Sundays.

Though the plan works for some residents, some businesses don’t agree.

“I don’t think you should charge on Sunday right now it’s the only safe day you don’t have to worry about paying for parking for once,” said resident Michael Richter.

Carlin’s Cafe on Valencia is open Sundays and employees say a proposal to start charging at parking meters will take a bite into profits.

Mayor London Breed already asked the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to look into charging for metered parking seven days a week, a plan churches have opposed in the past.

“We will not do this in isolation and the goal is to work with religious leaders before it’s a done deal,” Breed said.

Mayor Breed also wants the city to examine whether congestion pricing -- charging tolls to drive on the citys busiest streets during peak times -- could help ease gridlock.

Kristyn Mcgee, manager at Glamarama Salon, says both plans will hurt small businesses.

“I don’t think it will fix the problem,” she said. “it’ll just push the problem onto different streets.”

The San Francisco County Transportation Agency is also looking into the possibility of charging a fee to drive downtown.

It expects to have a proposal in 2021.

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