SF Resident Wins Apple's Contest, Showcases Photo on Billboards

NBC Universal, Inc.

Apple held a contest inviting submissions from all over the world to showcase photos taken on iPhones.

The winner, a Bay Area local, will have her photos posted on billboards across the streets and on Apple's Instagram page.

Ashley Lee, a security engineer who recently finished grad school, is one of 10 chosen in Apple's iPhone macro challenge.

"It's worldwide," explained Apple's iPhone Product Marketing Kariann Drance. "We viewed tens of thousands of photographs. The submission came from all over the world, and the winners represent this global iPhone community from Argentina, China, Hungary, India, Italy, Thailand..."

Lee told NBC Bay Area she was inspired while in COVID lockdown.

Next time you're on the freeway, take a look at the new Apple billboards, which will feature stunning images taken by everyday people on their iPhones. NBC Bay Area spoke to Ashley Lee, San Francisco native, about her photo being featured in this new, cool campaign.

"I was walking around my house, opened my fridge, saw that we had fruit and cans of soda in the fridge," she explained.

She then found a vase, started to pour and pulled out her iPhone 13.

"Poured the soda inside the vase, dropped the strawberry in and just waited," she said, "slowly the bubbles came up on the strawberry and I pressed my iPhone up to the glass and took the macro shots."

You can now see Lee's photo on billboards across San Francisco.

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