Russia-Ukraine Crisis

SF Tech Company Helps Ukrainian Employees Flee to Safety

NBC Universal, Inc.

San Francisco-based company Just answer is helping over 200 employees in Ukraine flee to safety.

Andy Kurtzig, CEO of Just Answer - an online question and answer site that connects customers with experts across 700 categories - is making sure his employees in Ukraine are safe.

"It's awful. We have people sleeping in bathtubs and makeshift bomb shelter they created in their bathrooms and others fighting for their country," Kurtzig told NBC Bay Area, "which I am scared for them and proud of them."

Kurtzin has so far helped 31 of his employees flee Ukraine. Some have chosen to stay and fight, so the company is paying half their salaries while they do.

Just Answer is also providing medical training to employees so they can help their families if they are injured in an attack.

The company has helped raised $200,000 for people in Ukraine.

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