Millennium Tower

Strong Winds Shatter Window at Millennium Tower, Showering Glass Below

NBCUniversal, Inc.

High winds in downtown San Francisco Sunday caused a window to shatter on the 41st floor of the Millennium Tower, sending shattered glass raining down.

A portion of Fremont Street was closed as crews spent about an hour cleaning up pieces of glass. Glass was also scattered around the Transit Center Plaza and on the east side of Salesforce Park around 11:30 a.m.

According to the general manager of the Millennium Tower, the window was left open by a resident some time ago. They were not home when the winds started blowing, and a huge gust essentially tore it off the tower.

Salesforce Park was also closed.

“We heard it was closed but we could go up to Starbucks, which was also closed,” said San Francisco resident Suzanne Bryan. “But we went up there and there’s just a bunch of police up there, and a bunch of crews cleaning up. And they’re not letting anyone up on the park, so…”

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